Wednesday, February 1, 2012

TUTORIAL for snowman swirl card

So very sorry for the delay....
blogger and I disagree sometimes.
I got the idea for this card over at one of my favorite
blogs - Inking Idaho
The image I used for this project is Bugaboo's own
I printed it at 90%

You will need for this project:
2 white brads
various circle punches/dies
"Thanks" stamp or other sentiment

Next you need to color and cut out your snowmans head

Then cut a circle from black cardstock slightly larger than the snowman head
Then for the middle of the snowman cut a circle from white cardstock 
a bit bigger than the head as well as a black piece that is slightly larger than the 
middle (don't forget to add your buttons:).  
Then again, a white piece a bit bigger than the middle for the base as well as
a black piece slightly larger than the base out of black cardstock.

Next you want to line them up overlapping the pieces slightly
and set the pieces securely with the brads

That's it, pretty easy really.
Now just stamp the sentiment of your choice on the bottom piece
and just fold the pieces over on top of each other.

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KristyLee said...

I love your idea! This is a great card! I so am going to have to try this! Thank you for sharing!