Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oldie but Goodie at Bugaboo

When I look at at this image I think of 
my brother and I
snooping for Christmas presents in the
One year when my parents left for a bit 
my brother and I unwrapped some of our
presents very carefully
and no one would of been the wiser but....
when my parents returned my brother got in
trouble for something that had nothing to
do with Christmas.
In the heat of the moment he blurts out
"Well, Amy got blue boots!!"
The cat was out of the bag.
We got in trouble and Mom said all the 
presents were going back.
She never did return anything though.
The next year the gifts were kept at my 
Great Grandparents house
until they were wrapped and our lives
were threatened.


Lola said...

LOL! Yup, leave it to the brother to get EVERYONE in trouble! Your card is too cute and the gingham is perfect.

Lori said...

Amy, this is toooo cute and the story to go along with it is hilarious! I'm guessing your brother does not have a job that requires him to keep secrets :)
Anyway, love this image and the card. Grest job, as always.

Michele Lourenco said...

AMY!!! OMG- this is way too cute!!!
I wasn't even aware of this image. Hello??!! Where have I been?

Scrappy said...

Amy, this is FANTASTIC! I wanna be able to sponge my images that perfectly someday! TfC! MWAH!

Rae Anne said...

ROTFLMAO Amy!!! My sisters was a master at sneaking peeks at her presents too. . .;) MWAH!

Pink Room Therapy Designs said...

This is fabulous Amy (and I need to get that image)! Super cute story too!

Tammy Miller said...

I love this card, love how they look like ornaments!